Emily Bonilla Addresses Wedgefield Residents Water Concerns

Emily Bonilla Addresses Wedgefield Residents Water Concerns

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Every Floridian is concerned about their health and longevity. Every Floridian is concerned with the good health of their family and friends. In fact, many people live in Florida because of the healthy air and water that the state provides. Or at least, the healthy air and water that most residents presume that the state provides.

As it happens, there is an area of Florida where the water and in fact the water testing is being questioned in no small way. Residents of the area believe that the water has not been of a good quality for years, but until now were unable to prove that was the case. New test results in Wedgefield, Florida are showing high levels of a potentially cancer-causing byproduct in the water at two Wedgefield homes. 

Channel 9 news stated that a “former lab employee alleged improper testing of Pluris water in March. Wedgefield residents have complained about their water quality for years, but they said the tests finally give them proof that the Pluris water coming from their faucets is not right.”

According to candidate Bonilla, a part of the problem that exists may be due to the privatization of the water in the area. Water services that are privatized are not overseen by the community that is served by the water. Typically it costs a great deal more, isn’t able to be controlled by the community and may not be as well cared for because the business has a profit concern more than a community concern.

Residents have been made aware that the kind of water impurities present in the water, “trihalomethanes, which are byproducts from chlorine used to clean water” can cause many different types of illness as well as being a causative agent in bladder cancer. The current levels found in the water in Wedgefield are nearly double the acceptable federal level.

Emily Bonilla, candidate for Orange County Commissioner and local area resident is concerned about the quality of life in Florida and the water quality of those who live in the community. She stated “In an area of this size and with the resources available to us to cleanse the water of  these water impurities, it is simply unacceptable that these water impurities have been allowed to continue. Further, the allegations of falsified data should be investigated and if true, the perpetrators should be punished to the fullest extent the law allows. No one has the right to play with the lives and health of our residents. The county should, if agreed to by the residents, purchase and take over management of the utility.”

For the last 3 years, Emily Bonilla, founder of Save East Orlando and East of the Econ (™), LLC, has been an active advocate for the residents against proposed developments that will negatively impact the community’s infrastructure, environment and public safety.  She vows to continue to advocate for the residents’ quality of life and bring common sense and a holistic approach to growth to Orange County government as Commissioner of District 5.

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