Thank You – EMS Week

Thank You – EMS Week

I, Emily Bonilla, Candidate for Orange County Commissioner District 5, call on residents to join me in thanking our Emergency Medical Professionals during EMS Week May 15-21, 2016. These brave men and women have been “Called to Care” and EMS Week reminds us to thank them for the service they provide to our communities.

Emergency Medical Service (EMS) providers are a critical part of our communities’ quality of life. They care and provide for us in the most sensitive times. EMS Week gathers key associations, media partners, corporate sponsors and residents to celebrate their commitment to the profession.

Orange County, Florida is growing at a fast rate. Our EMS providers work long hours with low pay and long periods between raises. These providers include Firefighters, Police Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, Hospital Nurses and Physicians. These men and women risk their lives for the safety and health of others, and they should be commended for their actions.

As Commissioner, I will work to make sure our EMS providers are properly compensated. Our Orange County Firefighters in particular are understaffed, and require additional Fire Stations to provide better coverage and reduce response times. They deserve a contract that provides them with yearly merit based raises, such as with a pay grade step progression to allow employees to continue moving up in their career and receive fair raises. Other EMS professionals are making below $15 an hour and deserve a living wage. These committed and necessary professionals are not provided the compensation and benefits they deserve. This needs to change and I am willing to lead this change!

My spouse has been involved in EMS for the last 15 years and I have supported him and his co-workers’ dedication to our community. Every year during EMS Week he made sure he volunteered his time to thank the EMS workers.

This year, join us in thanking these hard-working professionals by adding your name to the list below.

[This petition is sponsored by Emily Bonilla,Candidate for Orange County Commissioner District 5]

Thank you - EMS Week

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For the last 3 years, Emily Bonilla, founder of Save East Orlando and East of the Econ (™), LLC, has been an active advocate for the residents against proposed developments that will negatively impact the community’s infrastructure, environment and public safety.  She vows to continue to advocate for the residents’ quality of life and bring common sense and a holistic approach to growth to Orange County government as Commissioner of District 5.

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