Residents Rally Against East Orange Development Plans

Residents rally against East Orange development plans.

Protesters rallied Wednesday outside the Orange County Administration building, hoping to stop plans for two mega-developments in east Orange County.

“Save the Econ, hold the line!” dozens chanted in unison in downtown Orlando.

“We made our investment in a rural area, and that investment should be protected,” said Emily Bonilla. The woman moved to Corner Lake Estates with her husband and two children 12 years ago, looking for peace and serenity.

“We bought out here to get away from the city,” she said. “I wanted to raise my children in a more country setting.”

However, three years ago there were rumblings of future plans: two mega developments along Lake Pickett Road, called Lake Pickett North and South.

“We’ve been invested in this community. We love the schools, love the wildlife, the environment. And we’re not going to see it destroyed,” said Bonilla, who started Save East Orlando — which turned into East of the Econ — to fight the proposals. The group has gotten over 10,000 people to sign a petition. The neighborhood’s HOA also hired a lawyer.

“If it’s all paved over and bulldozed, they lost what they invested in,” said Bonilla, looking through a barbed-wired fence at the future site of Lake Pickett South, adjacent to Corner Lake Estates.

Bonilla said dissatisfaction in the process is what propelled her to run for the District 5 Commission seat, among a handful of other candidates.

“We all should have the choice of where we want to live,” she said. “And that shouldn’t be taken away from us, because someone else wants to profit off of turning it into something else, after we already made our investments in it.”

Commissioners will vote on final approval of Lake Pickett South and approval for the northern development to be transmitted during their hearing on Tuesday, June 14.

Residents rally against east Orange development plans – Central Florida News 13


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