Emily Bonilla calls on Orange Commission to rescind Lake Pickett vote

Emily Bonilla calls on Orange Commission to rescind Lake Pickett vote

Emily Bonilla went before the Board of Orange County Commissioners, August 2nd, to ask them to rescind their votes on the Lake Pickett Text Amendment.

Here is the speech:

I have been fighting the Lake Pickett Developments for the last 3 years. I and my family have put in a lot of blood, sweat and tears (and money). Many others in the community have as well. Because of this development and learning of the issues that are happening across our state, I have decided to run for County Commissioner against our representative commissioner  [Ted Edwards] who approved the Lake Pickett Developments.

Why is the Lake Pickett Developments so important?

These developments demonstrate the disregard for the environment, wildlife, traffic issues, job market, economy and WILL of the people.

Disregard for the environment because this is in the Econlockhatchee River Basin that is supposed to be protected from high density development.

Disregard for the wildlife because this is home to the Black Bear, Panther, and other species that rely on this area for survival.

Disregard for the traffic issues because the traffic studies show that if these 2 developments go through parts of SR50 will need 8-10 lanes and the roads will be over capacity.

Disregard for the job market because it will bring in more competition for an area that doesn’t have enough jobs for the current population, which causes more traffic issues because people need to drive further away for work.

Disregard for the economy because more people for less jobs will lower wages and people will not have spending money left over after living expenses to support local businesses in the area. In addition, it will make it more difficult to sell the existing homes that are in foreclosure (about 25% of the homes) in the area which will lower property values.

Disregard for the will of the people because over 7,000 individuals that I can personally confirm have signed the petitions against these developments. And about 95% of them live in the affected area. Seminole county is against the developments as well as the long time established and credible organizations The Sierra Club, 1000 Friends of Florida and League of Women Voters.

These disregards questions why any elected official can approve these developments and still be considered for re-election. These disregards are why we are having issues all over the state of Florida. These disregards are why we need to make sure that we hold our elected officials accountable.

I and other residents are filing an appeal to stop the developments. It will be decided by an administrative judge. HOWEVER, if we can get the presiding commissioners to change their votes, this can be avoided and save everyone a lot of money.

According to the BCC Rules of Procedures page 20, I request that the presiding commissioners ask for this to be placed on the agenda for the next meeting.

Both of you have had emails sent to you last night and phone calls coming in this morning from residents asking you to rescind the motion.

I hope that you do the right thing and make sure that the residents are not disregarded any longer.

Vote for Emily Bonilla to make sure there are commissioners in office that will put the people first.

Tell others to Vote for Emily Bonilla as well.


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