Chuck O’Neal endorses ‘modern day Joan of Arc’ Emily Bonilla in county race

Chuck O’Neal endorses ‘modern day Joan of Arc’ Emily Bonilla in county race

I am honored to have the endorsement because Chuck has been fighting for Florida’s natural resources for more than 15 years!

He has volunteered countless hours educating our lawmakers on the importance of Florida’s diverse ecosystems. We believe it’s time to address the green issues our state needs. Chuck’s campaign statement says it all, “I know how to fight and win for Florida’s environment.” He sees what needs to change and knows the decisions we make today will affect our tomorrow. He served as Vice President of the League of Women Voters in Florida and put money into their education fund. Like me, he wants to help protect our unique wildlife and the Florida Black Bear. He led a fight to stop the Florida Black Bear Hunt, which gave us the Florida Black Bear Restoration Act.

Chuck says of Emily, “It is clear that the Orange County Commission has been hijacked by development interests at the expense of residents. Emily Bonilla has emerged as a true fighter of urban sprawl which is reducing our quality of life, pushing wildlife back into islands of wilderness and causing our taxes to increase in order to provide water and build infrastructure for a burgeoning Florida population. I have fought several battles shoulder to shoulder with Emily Bonilla. She is a modern day Joan of Arc who has lead a growing team of residents defending their land. For these reasons I wholeheartedly endorse Emily Bonilla in her quest for Orange County Commission District 5.”

With 90% of the commissioner’s job being the approvals of developments, it is imperative that we have a commissioner who understands we need to protect our environment and wildlife corridors. As commissioner, I will make it my priority to make sure we have a well-thought out plan for our future.

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