Meet Emily

Emily Bonilla is seeking re-election as Orange County Commissioner.

Born in New York and raised in Massachusetts, Emily Bonilla is a proud Floridian of 18 years. She obtained an Associates Degree in Film from Valencia, a Bachelor’s in English from UCF and Masters in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University.

She has extensive private sector experience in film, photography, marketing and creative writing. Brought up in an impoverished family of origin, Bonilla is a visionary who carved out a successful niche in the highly-competitive industry. A strong advocate for women, she developed comprehensive marketing tools and strategies that give work at home mom’s (WAHM) a boost up the business ladder.

Following years of entrepreneurial accomplishments, she worked as a Career Advisor at Full Sail University. Duties included assisting new grads with finding employment and/or creating their own business.

A long time supporter of our planet, Bonilla is all about promoting conservation of Orange County’s natural and economic resources. She works unceasingly to protect the black bears and ban fracking in Florida.

Seeing a need for the organization of residents to protect their rural environment, she created Save East Orlando in 2013, which later she transformed the assets into East of the Econ (™), LLC. She also served as a co-founder and acting Chairperson of Save Orange County until 2015.

She currently serves as a dedicated advocate of the East Orange County community, in fervent opposition to urban sprawl. Bonilla is prepared to springboard this pivotal experience into the role of Orange County Commissioner.

Bonilla contends the Commissioner’s responsibility to oppose developments that harm the environment and economy is of great importance. She will provide flexible but firm leadership to bring sound judgment to Orange County government. She is an active listener to other viewpoints, an assertive communicator and effective team builder.

Emily Bonilla – a name you need to know – is an exceedingly electable candidate for the position of Orange County Commissioner.

What Others Say About Emily

 “I support Emily Bonilla because she is a champion of The People. Emily understands the challenges that District 5 and Orange County residents continue to face. Emily spent 15 years creating and attracting jobs as a successful business owner, consultant and career advisor. Emily was influential with the Orange County Economic Advisory and Planning Department to consider increasing job creation and expanding the job market. Emily believes that responsible economic growth can be environmentally friendly. Emily is focused on what matters. Local businesses will see increased success when its consumers have an improved job market and better wages. Please join me in supporting Emily Bonilla for Orange County Commission District 5.”

– Endorsement from Florida House of Representative Victor Torres

“It is clear that the Orange County Commission has been highjacked by development interests at the expense of residents. Emily Bonilla has emerged as a true fighter of urban sprawl which is reducing our quality of life, pushing wildlife back into islands of wilderness and causing our taxes to increase in order to provide water and build infrastructure for a burgeoning Florida population. I have fought several battles shoulder to shoulder with Emilly Bonilla. She is a modern day Joan of Arc who has lead a growing team of residents defending their land. For these reasons I wholeheartedly endorse Emily Bonilla in her quest for Orange County Commission District 5.”

– Endorsement from Chuck O’Neal, fighter for Black Bears and Amendment 1 funds to preserve lands

“Emily Bonilla cares about our community and our environment. She is a successful business woman with 15 years of experience matching technical jobs to people as a career counselor and advisor. She is a passionate advocate for our wildlife, our natural resources and our quality of life. Emily is a proven leader and will fight for the people of Orange County and not cater to special interests. We Need more strong woman like Emily Bonilla in public service representing Orange County families.”

– Endorsement from Lorraine Tuliano, former President of Central Florida AFL-CIO

You have received feedback from Maria Bolton Joubert:

“THANK YOU FOR CARING, EMILY!!! YOU GOT THIS!!! Thank YOU, Emily, for caring about Orange County, and with running for office as County Commissioner District 5 — because you do care, and you plan on making a positive difference. THANK YOU!!”

You have received feedback from Adam Woodhall:

“Thank you for unwavering dedication to environment around Lake Pickett :)”

You have received feedback from Michael Shirreffs:

“Keep fighting, Emily. We need people like yourself to help protect the rural way of life in east Orange County. You are a terrific person and would make a great Commissioner and politician.”

You have received feedback from Terry Porter:

“Thank you Emily for all you do for East Orlando. It is a tough fight in our society between people and money. Money wins~I have watched you fight a very tough battle. If those who voted yes sat in the traffic we do there would be no fight,Go Emily!”

You have received feedback from Richard Madison:

“Good Luck my friend I am a retired Vet and work with Mel At RMA”

You have received feedback from Jordan Johnson:

“I am happy that I had the pleasure to work for you on your campaign. I cannot imagine a more caring and honest individual for commissioner for District 5. Go Emily!”

You have received feedback from Linda Mc Murran:
“Thank you so much for your efforts.”

You have received feedback from Jeff Hartzler:
“I need you to win and so does everyone’s quality of life in East Orlando!”

You have received feedback from Larry Frankel:
“It’s nice to have honest caring people involved in government.”

You have received feedback from James Padgett:
“Thanks for your dedication against big business and development”

You have received feedback from Richard Cooper:
“We are with you!!!!”

You have received feedback from Alice Loges:

“I’m the working poor. I believe in you. You came to my door and talked to me about issues. Please fix the intersection of Lake Pickett and East Colonial. If you do only this it’s worth the donation. I wish you the best. God Bless you.”

You have received feedback from Juliet Rynear:

“I wish I could vote for you, but I don’t live in your district. I fully support you and your efforts to preserve our natural lands and natural resources.”

You have received feedback from Richard Andrade:

“Emily… Stand up for a rural east Orlando/Orange County. Bring back integrity and honesty to keep Orange County vital and awesome!”

You have received feedback from John Fauth:

“Thanks for speaking up at tonight’s meeting!”